Work from home online jobs frauds
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There was a new trend that fraudsters are sending Bulk Spam SMS offering part-time jobs in Popular Companies, promising a daily payout of 5000 – 20000 Rupees

We dig deep into the scam, in this post, we will be explaining how the scammers are looting the common man, exposing their procedures of getting you in their trap also will be explaining why you should avoid such messages and not be a victim of the fraudsters,

Since the past few months, we have noticed some unusual things with Bulk SMS that are delivered to people Offering part-time jobs in Well Reputated Companies like Flipkart and Amazon

Some Of Our Team Members reverse-engineered the persons behind the Bulk SMS Scam Campaign who are Duping People in the name of Online work from home jobs

Exposing Work from home online jobs frauds

Firstly We have Analyzed hundreds of Bulk SMS messages that had the words of Job, Jobs, Work from home, then we have analyzed the nature of their work and associated phone numbers, 90% of the Phone Numbers are belongs to India and the rest are virtual numbers from other countries, we have also tried to contact the phone numbers but most of them are unreachable and some didn’t pick up the calls

How Fraudsters gets your Phone Number?

Firstly the fraudsters are Buys Some dumps from Online marketplaces which contains a bunch of names, phone numbers records, after purchasing they simply verify the phone numbers using different software and tools, Earlier they used Whatsapp Marketing Tools Where They used to Spam people’s Inboxes, after getting blocked by Whatsapp and limited reach they have switched to Bulk SMS campaigns

job fraud sms

They are running multiple Campaigns with different names, and they are also offering jobs for the people who will reply to the text messages to the victims who responds to these SMS

They are scamming in two stages

  1. First forcing users to pay joining fees to confirm their job
  2. 2nd they are instructing people to enter their credit/debit card information to withdraw the amount


We have responded to some of the numbers to see What happening outside of this Bulk SMS campaign, Firstly we have contacted the person as a Jobseeker and asked like a common man with dummy English knowledge, then observed their response, most cases what we found is they are instructing us to open a website operated by their gang, asking to signup with our phone number, where they claim their website is legitimate and one of the partners of Amazon, Flipkart Companies

There is an OTP based signup process so that they are tracking their users, which makes their campaign foolproof of users, after signup some amount is already available in your wallet, then they instruct you to recharge your wallet to confirm your Job, here they are using various Payments methods to accept the payment, UPI is the easier to target Indian users, there is no way that you can fool your system

job scams

The website they asked us to signup with is which claims that it belongs to Amazon, but a fake

To get your job, you must have to recharge your wallet, We have tried to fool them by tampering with the wallet amount and saying I have Recharged but there was a tracking system in their backend so that a common man cannot bypass this first stage and note that there will be no refund of the amount you will pay

We have responded to another bulk SMS and they too instructed the same way as the previous one but this time the domain was

2nd job fraud scam

One thing is clear that some big gang is behind this scam campaign and there are hundreds of random domain names are registered and each bulk SMS campaign is handover to individuals for a fixed monthly salary, this operation is a chain based fraud that if you have to earn you have to refer more people

In the end, you have to install their Android app which has signs of Malware, to withdraw your earnings you must give your credit/debit card information along with your Date of Birth, Bank Details Since they have your information now they have access to your device which is easy for two-factor authentication bypass then loot your bank balance

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Final Words

We have reached to many Bulk SMS but few of them are responded, they use random domains, UPI ids and virtual phone numbers,  till now we didn’t notice any fraud with this campaign, if you are a victim of this work from home online jobs fraud then you can report a cyber crime online  and you can help the government to block the bank accounts and UPI ids by calling National Helpline Number and Prevent Financial Cyber Frauds

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