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Installing a VPN client is trickier for Linux users, In other Operating systems we have to simply download the VPN client software and get started, although there are several methods to use a VPN in Kali Linux, In this post, we will tell you how to use free VPN in Kali Linux using the Open VPN service,

In our previous post, we have described the step by step instructions on How to install tor in Kali Linux, Sometimes the Tor Network became too slow to use and we have to depend on a VPN but most of the VNPs are not free and some of the free VPNs are difficult to configure and they do not have support for Linux, But we have overcome the same and in this tutorial, we are back with best free VPN for Kali Linux

How To Install A VPN In Kali Linux

We are going to set up ProtonVPN which is free to use and one of the best free VPN for Kali Linux ( We are not affiliated with ProtonVPN nor Promoting it),

Follow below steps

Firstly you must have to create a ProtonVPN account, for that login to https://protonvpn.com

Now navigate to the Download Page, and Choose The OpenVPN Configuration Files then choose the free servers and UDP or TCP servers and Download All the files, Probably you will get the config files as a zip file

proton vpn

Now search for Network Connections in Kali Linux, you will find it at the right top corner or you can search for it,

vpn for kali linux

Now Click on the ( + ) icon to configure a new VPN, note that Openvpn is required for that you have to install the OpenVPN package by typing sudo apt install openvpn

After clicking on the + icon you will see an interface like this, You have to choose the Import a saved VPN configuration then click on create


Now you have to choose any one of the config file and then click on VPN then you will be prompted for username and password, now go back to Protonvpn account, and click on Account then OpenVPN / IKEV2 username

protonvpn account dashboard

There you will find the OpenVPN IKEv2 username and Password and paste the credentials on the Prompted area like shown in the screenshot

vpn settings

Now save all the settings and you are ready to use the VPN, Click on the Network Icon and Choose the VPN, that’s all, you will see the VPN connection successful message



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