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When it comes to Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Most of the experts suggest starting with a Linux Operating system, sometimes it’s hard to judge an Operating System, as it has its value, and there is a reason Why experts suggest Linux,

In our previous post, we have compared the Best operating system for ethical hacking and penetration testing, and in this post, we will be discussing the comparison between Kali Linux vs Ubuntu, We will discuss the Features, Performance, Programmers point of view and a Pentester point of View

I have been Using Linux over the past few years, tested different types of Linux Distributions and  experienced the ups and downs of the operating systems so that I can share my experience with you and clear your confusion on what to choose as an ethical hacker,

When I was learning Linux, I started with Ubuntu as I wanted to experience the Command line thrill as shown in the Movies, but things are changed and started learning the core concepts, the Kernel side, the package management and so on, I have learnt the hard way that no one else has that much of patience now days

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu

Kali Linux vs Ubuntu for hacking?

People often asked these types of questions, our answer to them is Yes, You can run and use almost all the Kali Linux tools in Ubuntu and vice versa but there are some restrictions, before explaining, learning the difference between Kali and Ubuntu is necessary

Kali Linux

kali linux

Kali Linux is a Debian based Operating System, designed for Penetration testers, Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Researchers, it is Open Source and Free to use, It supports a wide range of devices including Android, Raspberry Pi devices, and has support for 32-bit, 64-bit and arm devices

Kali Linux comes with easy to set up and preinstalled Tools such as Burp Suite, Nmap, Metasploit and many other Popular Tools for Security Professionals, making our job easier



Ubuntu is also an Open Source Linux Distribution based on Debian that has an enterprise-level user base and comes with three versions Desktop, Server and Core, it also has a wide range of Device support, although it has several variants, We primarily talking about the Desktop Version, Most of the programmers love ubuntu and its easy to use and user-friendly interface too, in the view of performance it’s fast enough

When it comes to Ethical Hacking we have to use some Tools to work with some specific Tasks, suppose let us take an example of Burp Suite, When we have to install Burpsuite in Kali Linux its too easy just type apt get-install burpsuite command in the terminal and the burp suite will be installed, but in Ubuntu, we have to follow extra more steps eg: installing java and configuring it then manually going to portswigger website and Download the compatible version of the Software then testing it, if any issues then configuring the Java paths etc,

Not limited to Burpsuite but there are many other programs such as Metasploit where we have to mess with our computer to install a program where it was a single command in Kali Linux

Difference between Ubuntu and Kali Linux

Sno Kali Linux Ubuntu
1 Used For Ethical Hacking and Pentesting Used for daily use and servers
2 Developed By Offensive Security Canonical Ltd
3 Released on 2013  Released on 2004
4 Pre-Installed With Useful Hacking Tools Does not come with Hacking or Pentesting Tools
5 Good User Interface Its User interface is also Good enough
6 Performance is Good Same
7 Good Community Support Same
8 Official Website https://kali.org Official Website https://ubuntu.com/


Final Words

Ubuntu vs Kali Linux which is best, as we have told you the unbiased way that each OS has its value and limitations if you are about to Learn Pestesting and currently using Ubuntu as a Primary OS and don’t want to switch to another Operating System then it’s ok to do so, but if you are just getting starting then using the Kali Linux not at all a problem for you

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