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On 9th July, Telangana Cyber Police Arrested a Fraudster who was helping Investment fraudsters in transferring Money to their accounts

As per Rachiconda Police‘s Press Note, The Accused Tammu Anil Kumar was a 22 years old boy from Nellore, They seized one WiFi router, a cheque book and  two mobile phones from the accused

In the Press note, Rachikonda police narrated that, a citizen was searching for online home based jobs on the internet and got a contact number who was offering home based jobs, after contacting to the number through Whatsapp, she was instructed by the fraudster to invest in online trading business and they sent an App Zepbit with the login id, and told her to add at least Rs. 500 in that app, later she invested a total amount of Rs. 647500/- in several terms, later she failed to withdraw her earnings from that which she realized that she was cheated and filed a complaint in the Police station

Here what info Rachicona Police collected from the Accused

The Accused got suggestions from his family friend about Online investments which should return higher profits, and he searched for the same on the internet, and he found a person who was working for the application Zepbit,  instructed to install Zepbit app also offered 20% of the commission for every transition to his account

The accused used Turbo VPN to mention anonymity online and  used Binance App to transfer the remaining 80% of the amount in Crypto Currencies, till now he converted more than 50 lakh rupees and gained over 10 lakh rupees

Here What you should need to know

As per TheNewsMinute Zepbit claims to be a cryptocurrency trading app but is unavailable on Google Play Store or Apple Store, nor does it have a website or other online presence.

the app is circulated over Whatsapp and being shared via an AWS hosted link by the fraudsters

Earlier in April, the Cybercrime Police under the Rachakonda Commissionerate in Hyderabad, arrested three persons for developing a fake online trading app called Winbiz and cheating people. They were Ashok Kumar Arumugam (37), Sanjeev Kumar (23), who was acting as the company secretary of Hanuvel Consultant India Pvt. Ltd; and Asim Akhtar (34), a manager at HSBC Bank.

Sandeep Sahoo, Director at SaveThem India, a team of cybersecurity professionals researching the Chinese operated instant loan and online betting apps since March 2020, said the Zepbit app is not of Indian origin. and the app’s IP address is from Hong Kong, The app is also using the meta package of another trading app called Winbiz

There are are many others who cheated with such scams and shared them on social media







If you’re a victim of such cases then you can file a complaint in your nearest cyber crime station or you can report a cyber crime online

Netizens are advised not to invest in unknown apps

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