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Russia threatens to block YouTube and raise a fine against the Company, Recently news breaks out that Youtube deleted a news Channel RT DE

It’s Not New that there are always conflicts with Russia’s law and the Google and Other US-based Tech Companies, a few months back Russia warned Google for not taking action over banned content, According to various sources Youtube the video sharing platform Suspended the Channels which Spread misinformation over covid19 and the Channels Belonging to Russian State has breached the guidelines added Youtube

On the other hand Russian state communications regulator Roskomnadzor stated that they have written to Google and demanded that YouTube should lift the restrictions on RT channels.

Youtube Strongly says that they have some policy guidelines for Covid19 misinformation, according to the report by BBC, YouTube has removed 130,000 pieces of content related to Covid vaccine misinformation since last year

Finally, Russia puts Youtube under pressure and threatened to Slowdown Youtube or Ban the platform if it doesn’t cooperate with the Russian Government and their laws



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