kali linux vs parrot os
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There was always a debate among the Infosec guys that Which is the Best OS for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, Some says It doesn’t matter you just need skills while some say you need More Memory to run, though there is always confusion among the beginner infosec students that should I use Kali Or Parrot, Which is Good for them who have no Linux Knowledge before, let us Discuss the various features that you can pick one and get your job done,  Rather than talking about the Winner and Looser

Instead of hurting someone’s Sentiments here, this tutorial will clear your confusion So that you will get a clear picture of Which OS should pick, As This post primarily talks about Kali Linux vs parrot os, Even if you feel both Operating Systems are familiar to you, Still its better to know the history behind them,

Both Kali and Parrot is used by popular Security Professionals, Bug Hunters and other infosec guys, In the end, it’s the matter of a stable, lightweight, easy to use distro

If you ask an expert they will simply say pick one while others will try to suggest any but in the end, you have to follow the one you wish for by ignoring their words, When I started the journey into Information security, thought to pick one from Kali and Parrot OS then landed on a popular Forum where People blamed each other over root by default, it consumes too much RAM, It lags and the reasons are countless, Gone are the days where the people complained about the features, let’s explore Parrot Security os vs Kali Linux in 2021

What Is Kali Linux

Kali Linux


Kali Linux is a Debian based operating system introduced by Offensive Security, It is an Open source Operating System which is reborn from the Backtrack OS, It contains a large number of Tools used for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, Kali Linux was initially released in 2013, Also appeared on MR. Robot a Popular TV show, People often say this OS was promoted and has some marketing agenda, that’s not our business here

Kali Linux has large device support So that you can install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit Desktops, Laptops one more reason to prise Kali Linux is it also has support for Raspberry, Android devices, AWS, Docker images and so on.


There was a misconception on the internet that Kali Linux root by default, but everything got changed, Now Kali Linux has come with a Non-root user account, You can switch to superuser depending on your use cases, or you can create non-root users, Remember in Linux you can play with users you wish

Kali default user


What is Parrot Os


parrot os

Parrot OS is one of the popular Pentesting Operating Systems where it boasts of Privacy-focused, Security and Development, It was also released in the same year as Kali Linux, It has more tools than Kali Linux and Lightweight that it requires fewer resources and can run smoothly in 32-Bit and 64-Bit Architectures, and it also has support for Docker images

It also comes with a non-root user by default, you can switch to sudo user, or you can create a non-root user

parrot os users


Kali Linux vs Parrot Os

Now its Comparison time on the speed, User Interface, Community Support, Tools, Privacy and Security, And Development

Kali is a little bit heavy and requires some extra resources as compared to Parrot Security OS, on the other hand, Parrot os is lightweight and requires fewer resources, As Parrot has support for Home, Desktop and Security, as a pentester I have chosen the security version, one thing I have noticed is Both ISO  image files of Kali and Parrot is same around 4GB, The Pre-installed tools seem similar and you will find no difference at all, but Parrot has some extra tools as Compared to Kali Linux, Such as the Annon Surf, Tor Browser, lighter version of Vscode like code editor, where kali comes with Mousepad text editor


Features Kali Linux Parrot os
Community Support Good Good
Large Number Of Device Support Yes Possible
Minimum RAM Required 1GB 512MB
Minimum Storage 20GB 16GB
IDE Installed by Default No Yes
Privacy & Security Focused Adjustable Yes
User Experience Good Better
ZSH by Default Yes Customizable


ParrotOS vs Kali Linux: Which One is Best for Beginners

Both are good OS for Pentesting and Ethical Hacking, Personally, I used both, After using Kali Linux for a while now Switched to Parrot OS for better security and Privacy, what I suggest is if you have limited resources with your PC then you can go with Parrot, if you need Privacy then Parrot is Good Choice, Nothing is based both have their own Advantages, what I suggest is Choose the one which you feel is good for you

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