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Karl Rock a New Zealand based Youtuber Blacklisted from Entering India, here what you need to know


Who is Karl Rock?

Karl Edward Rice is also known as Karl Rock, a New Zealand based Youtuber having more than 1M subscribers, is popularly known for his youtube videos on Exposing scam call centres in India, sharing travelling guides on India

he was married to an Indian in April 2019, and his Father-in-Law was a Politician in the Indian State of Haryana

As per sources, following their marriage, Mr Rock was granted an X-2 Visa (meant for spouses/children of an Indian citizen) which was valid up to May 2024

What made him get Blacklisted by the Indian Government



On July 9th, he tweeted tagging New Zealand Prime Minister stating he was blocked by the Indian Government, In the video, he stated that he left India in October 2020  his Visa was blacklisted without giving a reason at the International Airport of New Delhi, and said his emails were ignored when he contacted the Home Ministry of India


As per an article by HindustanTimes,

Union Home Ministry officials said the New Zealand national has been restricted from entering India till next year for violating the terms and conditions of his visa. “He was on a tourist visa but engaging in business activities,” an official said.

Some of his videos went viral on social media where he was engaged in the Anti-CAA protest in India in the year of 2019

where he openly said, “India is a secular country, which should not have laws which talk about religion, luckily here in India, we are allowed to Protest like this and support the guys as well”


Being a foreigner he participated in the Anti-CAA protest also made a video supporting the same, later made the video private, also he has visited the restricted places where tourists are not allowed

Some So-called Popular Informative YouTubers came to support Karl, without Informing the violation of Visa Rules, and Social Activists posted the screenshots where Karl tweeted supporting Anti-CAA protest along with his deleted video


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