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Most of the cyber crimes in India are carried out from Jamtara, Where the cybercrime gangs dupe thousands from the innocents in various scam campaigns,

Recently Noida Police Arrested a person linked to a cybercrime gang in Jamtara for duping 4.2 crores from retired cops in a Pension scam and police caught the culprit

in 2019 Praneet Kaur, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s wife was lost Rs 23 lakh to cybercrime,

Noor Ali was earlier arrested by Punjab Police for duping Praneet Kaur, According to the police he was posed as treasury department and made phone calls to the retired police officers to conveyed that the Treasury Department has a technical issue and the data is corrupted and to avail, the pensions they have to share their bank accounts for verification and the direct deposit of the pensions

According to the sources, the police has seized more than 120 bank accounts used by the cybercrime gang to transfer the amount duped from people, they also claimed that the gang has made more than Rs 4.5 crore, and they used to buy coupon codes and gift vouchers with the duped money.

In the past, police suspects that the same gang has duped people from almost all states of India, with KYC scams, now police are on the way to the investigation into it

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