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Is Captcha Secure? Can it be bypassed?

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA is used on a variety of websites that want to verify that the user is not a robot. 

Jay Allen (author of MT-Blacklist) says:

“If you force preview before giving some sort of hidden field code, the spammers will just adjust their programs to preview, read the code and then post. If you use a captcha, spammers will use OCR. If you make them answer a question, they’ll collect all of the questions and answer them one by one, or even better, post the question on their own porn sites as a “bot protection” question on their own sites, hence programmatically getting an answer from another human.

You cannot win by focusing on methods because methods can so easily be changed. The only way to win is to attack the cause or the payoff (which is precisely why MT-Blacklist does what it does). Really, don’t waste your time with these games. Use it to come up with another solution that attacks the root of the problem.”

Well He’s right, CAPTCHA is completely vulnerable to man in the middle. Another good reason to dump CAPTCHA and find something better

without CAPTCHAs, scammers would be:

  • Creating lots of email accounts for spamming purposes
  • Buying out limited-supply goods, like concert tickets, to later scalp them
  • Signing up for forums or using contact forms to send spam
  • Overwhelming a website with requests in order to run a denial-of-service attack

Of course, malicious users have come up with advanced ways to beat CAPTCHAs. In turn, CAPTCHAs have become more difficult to solve over time..

Hacker’s scamming tactics advanced as technology advanced. They always find ways to bypass things and guess what? CAPTCHA is used by them for (ph)fishing victims.  Here’s a way you may be tricked, They get a fake clickbait title, example ‘ALIYA BHAT NEVER SEEN BEFORE LEAKED VIDEO’ Once you click on this post, you will need to enter a fake CAPTCHA code. This captcha is to make you believe it’s real and plus it’s going to use the data for spam/automation further. After you’ve done the captcha, you’ll be directed to a landing page. At this time, a virus takes over you.

How CAPTCHAs Work?

Original CAPTCHAs, like the one shown above, were often composed of a few random distorted words that you had to accurately enter in. For most people, entering these words is a simple procedure.

This is tough for computers, which are not excellent at recognizing text images. When you combine different color gradients, backgrounds, and weird fonts, you get an image that is relatively easy for a human to read but complex for a machine to decipher.

Google’s reCAPTCHA


As of 2019, the only types of tests supplied by reCAPTCHA are picture selection challenges. Google, on the other hand, has made strides to make CAPTCHAs less unpleasant for human users.

In many circumstances, all you have to do is check the box that says “I’m not a robot” (Google calls this a noCAPTCHA). When you do, the CAPTCHA analyzes your site behavior to determine if you are a human or a robot. For example, it examines your mouse movements and cookies to determine whether you are a valid user.

If you fail the automated test, you’ll be prompted to select all of the photographs that meet a specific description. This improves Google Maps while testing your ability to correctly identify photos, something computers struggle with. Furthermore, the most recent version of reCAPTCHA analyzes in the background without alerting the user. It is capable of predicting automated behavior and acting on it automatically.

CAPTCHAs do filter out most automated traffic

CAPTCHAs, as we’ve seen, are an integral aspect of the online environment. Without them, criminal actors may create hundreds of accounts for spam, foul play, and other nefarious activities. CAPTCHA makers have worked hard to make them as unobtrusive to regular people as possible, so you shouldn’t be stopped by them too frequent.

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