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In this post, we are going to tell you how to install Parrot os in a Virtual box without any errors, In our previous post we have compared the two most popular Penetration testing operating systems Kali Linux and Parrot os, where we tried to give an in-depth review of those operating systems, if you missed that post then you can read that here

There are some nice tutorials out there on the Internet on how to install parrot os in VirtualBox but there are some problems while instilling Parrot os in VirtualBox that no one talking about, that’s why we created this tutorial to help you out and use parrot os without worrying about the installation failures

This tutorial will not be too much longer, we will try to explain the necessary tips and actions you have to follow

how to install parrot os

Before installing Parrot os you should be aware that your System requirements must satisfy the Parrot os requirements, Parrot primarily offers three versions of Operating system iso files for Home edition, Security Edition, IoT and Cloud Editions, In this tutorial, we are going to install the security edition in our PC, so follow the step carefully to get started


  • PC Running 64-bit Processor
  • At least 20 GB of Free space
  • 2 GB Ram
  • VirtualBox
  • Parrot Os Iso image file

Once the requirements are satisfied then you are ready to get started


Download Virtual Box

As we are talking about installing Parrot os in Virtualbox, you have to install the Virtualbox software from the official Virtualbox website at

Once you have downloaded then install it, if already installed then follow the next step

Download Parrot Os ISO image file

You have to choose the Image file carefully, we suggest you download the Security Editon and Mate Desktop version as it comes with some pre-installed tools that make our Pentesting Job much better, make sure to have a good internet speed while Downloading this File and the file size is not greater than 4GB as of now, After downloading the file save it in a safe folder so that you can access it later

how to install parrot os on VirtualBox

How to install Parrot Security OS on pc

Now You have to open the VirtualBox Application on your PC and click on New Button, You will notice a popup like shown in this Screenshot

how to install parrot os

In the Name, field choose a name as you wish then select the Machine folder where your Virtual Box machine programs will be stored, in the Type section select the Linux from the dropdown menu and in the Version, Select Debian 64, and give some memory size adjusting your system

1GB = 1024 MB

I recommend you to at least choose 4GB of RAM, I have tried to run on 2GB  of RAM but I didn’t get a smooth experience, later I have changed the RAM size to 4GB after that choose Create a virtual hard disk now

Another Thing to Keep In mind is that If your Installation fails while 39% then consider changing the Version to Other Linux 64-bit, When I have Installed the Parrot os Everything was OK but after some time I was Stuck at the Installation Part as it has shown an error message at 39%, Stating Running Command /usr/sbin/sources-media

Installation Failed

External command failed to finish

Command /usr/sbin/sources-media

failed to finish in 600 seconds.

There was no output from the command


In the next section, you have to choose the virtual disk size, I recommend you to at least go with 16GB, and choose hard disk type as VDI( Virtual Disk Image), Storage on Physical hard disk as Dynamically allocated


Then simply click on Create button

Now You will see an interface like this, Select the Parrot Os from the list (If you are already running other machines on Virtualbox) then click on Settings

parrot os step3


Now Click on System then change the processor bar to at least 2, next click on Storage then in the Controller IDE click on Empty there you have to select the ISO file downloaded earlier

parrot os in virtualbox

After clicking Ok, now you have to start the machine by clicking on the Start button

how to install parrot os in VirtualBox

After Starting it will automatically choose the Graphical Install, you will see an interface like shown in the below screenshot, just click on the Install icon the Wizard will ask you to choose the Language, Keyword Layout, Location but in the Partitions select Erase Disk option, then follow the process make sure to create a user account during the process and finally review the setting and finish the Installation Process

It will take some time to install and after that restart your virtual machine, That’s it, you have successfully installed the Parrot security os on pc

If you face any problem then reread this article, and fix your problem

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