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Instagram Marketing For Business: How To Get Followers And Build A Brand On

Instagram has in recent years emerged as the most successful platform for
photos. What initially began as a small platform for a few thousand people who
shared interesting content about their lives, evolved over time into a platform
with more than 1 billion people.


Have a strategy
Before we begin to start up at Instagram it is important to think about the goal
we are pursuing with our Instagram account. Are you after reach and awareness
or about strengthening your presence? You can only post appropriate content
when you know what you exactly want. What image do you want to present
about your company or about yourself? What is your philosophy?
The strategy for effective Instagram marketing is easily summarized in 3 points:
1. Orientation: What kind of posts are you thinking about? What impression
should your account give to the users? Should the posts motivate, give a
positive impression, tell a story? Become sure about your orientation. And
in advance: No matter what direction you are choosing, make sure your
content does one thing: Entertain!
2. Regularity: Only those who are constantly present, can leave a lasting
impression in the minds of their followers. It does not help to come online
once a month and upload 10 images consecutively. Many accounts fall by
the wayside because they do not pursue a long-term strategy.
3. Interaction: In order to build your own Instagram community, the focus
should be on interaction with the followers. Here it is not just about
responding to their comments, but involving them directly in the content.
How you perform these interactions.


There are several ways to draw the attention of users to yourself. Again, you
should first focus on your target audience and think about what characterizes
them. Only then will you be able to act specifically to corresponding users.
Preliminary said: You should not think to buy or invest in likes or Instagram
bots. Purchased likes are worthless likes and only something for the eye. The
users that will follow you are usually fake profiles or not related to your topic.
They like and don’t comment.
Instagram bots take care of the activities of liking, following of and commenting.
However, I advise you not to take this option into consideration. Instagram does
not like it when forced likes are generated and recognizes corresponding activity.
In addition, the only authenticity can make the right users to followers.


Your Instagram profile
When it comes to your Instagram page, you can adjust little compared to your
Facebook page. It is nevertheless important to have a profile that makes a good
first impression and conveys your message clearly at first glance. Once a person
clicks on your profile, they decide on the basis of the description and posts
whether the content is relevant to them and whether they will follow you or not.
The name
At best, use your name or the name of your company, if it is available. If this is
occupied, you should easily convert the name so that it is still immediately
brought in connection with your business.
The profile picture
Profile pictures are displayed as a circle on Instagram. Make sure that in spite of
the circle everything necessary is recognizable. Use your logo or an image of
your face, which is clearly visible. Look directly into the camera. Take a
150×150 pixel image.


The description
Briefly describe your business. Point out the added value for the visitor. Your
message must be recognizable so that visitors will have an incentive to follow
you. In this section of your profile, you can and should incorporate a link to your
Alternatively, you can also refer to a free course that you offer to anyone who
enters the newsletter or inform the visitor about a current special offer. There
should be a reward for clicking on the link. If necessary, use a link shortening service like .


Hashtags probably have even more important meaning on Instagram than at
Twitter. They are used to search for relevant content and to be found with one’s
posts. Who does not use them or uses the wrong hashtags, probably won’t be
found? So when you write posts, pay attention to the choice of your hashtags.
Take topics relevant keywords that have to do with your business. A hashtag
must also be searched for. Find the appropriate keywords and look at the number
of used hashtags. Do not use hashtags that have nothing to do with the post or
your profile. Don’t be afraid to use general hashtags. If you have an online store
for shoes, tag your posts by default with #shoes, #fashion, #sneaker (when
appropriate). People who are looking for this hashtag, then come across your
image. The competition is greater for you, but your image has a good chance to
gain awareness. It must visually stand out of course.
To find popular and promising hashtags, use tools like
or These websites will indicate relevant keywords for your
posts or your search.
Be concerned about the choice of your hashtags. Use at least 5 hashtags per
picture or video. The more you use hashtags, the more you will be found. Don’t
overload the text with it, so that the viewer would be overwhelmed. Mix the
keywords with your text. At the end of the post, you can use the hashtags that are
intended to serve for the coverage. Continue to pay attention to relevance. Use popular hashtags like #picoftheday when your post allows it. Such keywords are often searched for. Create relevant content when a novel hashtag
arises. Who does not remember the #icebucketchallenge? Take advantage of the
entertainment factor to increase your awareness. Also, contemplate using specific
hashtags for your brand. This makes an analysis of your fame easier and also
helps to interact with your community.


Collaboration with other profiles
This method is often overlooked. However, networking can be extremely useful.
In addition to the interaction with other followers and potential followers, you
should also get in touch with profiles that are similarly oriented as you. The
mutual sharing of the fan base should not trigger envy for you.
Suppose you own an Instagram page that creates motivational quotes and has a
few thousand followers. Contact a similar page with a similar follower count and
propose a mutual shoutout. This proposal says nothing more than “I have a
group of people who are interested in your site and you have a group of people,
who are interested in my site. Why don’t we just let them know about it and let
our follower base grow significantly?”. You can also refer to a recent and
exclusive offer of a different profile that can be helpful for your followers. In
return, the owner of the other side does the same for you. However never impose
content onto your followers.
Ask yourself who deals with your topic. Consider a collaboration with other
profiles even if they have fewer followers than you do. First look at relevance for
the subject and only then look at the number of followers. Make sure you get
mentions and shoutouts.
To obtain the corresponding actions by larger channels is more difficult, but not
impossible. Moreover, there can be a rapid increase in your follower count when
a large site advertises your profile. Therefore consider how to present your
topics to larger channels. In general: Give before taking. Before you come into
contact with a site, you promote them. Create a post and link to them. This will
not go unnoticed. After some time contact the owner of the larger profile.
What do you have that you could give the respective operator of the site? If you,
for example, manufacture fashionable pants consider sending them to some of
the most famous fashion bloggers on Instagram. Such guerrilla marketing is
perfect for your presence since the corresponding posts in this case are directly
related to your product. There are also certain channels that offer paid shoutouts.
However, this is a personal choice and depends on your budget.


Creating Content – The perfect post
Instagram is all about “Visual Storytelling” and “Branded Storytelling”. As you
may know, the best sellers tell stories about the product instead of conveying
facts. They use emotional factors in order to attract customers. With Instagram
you can tell a story about your company and stay in the minds of people in a
creative way.
Your focus is on the followers. You must ensure that you create content that will
appeal especially to your followers and is tailored to them. Be careful to post
relevant, entertaining, and authentic content. Convey a unique perspective on the
world that appeals to your followers. Show who you are, what kind of people are
behind the company, with what creative ideas you can entertain.


The right time
Look for the right timing for the publication of content. Instagram is always up
to date. The most recent posts appear at the top of the newsfeed and get the most
attention. Know your target audience and think about when you can achieve this.
So when is your audience looking at Instagram? If your viral page is aimed at
students who are online in the morning, then you should post in this period.
However, if you have 9-to-5-jobbers as a target group, then you should write
more posts after work.
The typically recommended times are generally 7-9 clock (breakfast time), 11 to
14 clock (lunch) and 17 to 20 clock (after work). The best interaction rate with
Instagram is 17-18 clock. But it has to be said that there is no general rule here,
which is why it is convenient to test out different times.


Interaction with followers
There are a variety of ways to communicate with users. Again and again, smart
profile operators come up with new ideas to inspire the Instagram community. In
general, the interaction with the followers is extremely important, since a strong
personal connection is established. It is necessary to aim at interaction with the
users. Each post is another chance for interaction.


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