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Indian Hackers Group Indian Cyber Troops Came In support Of Israel While Palestinian Terrorist Fired Rockets on Israel

Indian Hacker Group Named ‘Indian Cyber Troops’ Came In support of Israel

Indian Cyber troops hacked websites of several Nations To Represent Their Anger To Fight Against Terrorism

while palestinian Terrorist planing to destroy Israel here Indian Are Supporting Israel in Various Ways while A Indian Cyber Troops Released a Warning To Hackers of World Who released Warning against Israel but Whenever Indian Cyber Troops Came in Action mode they planned to Hack something big


Here Are Url of some websites Hacked by Indian Cyber Troops:


Here Are Some Screenshots Proof Of Concept 









As per their Information This is just Demo And 1st attack if someone else tried to Do anything against India then They Will Hit Hard :As per Admin Of Indian Cyber Troops

Indian Cyber Troops Addressed Friendship of India And Israel And they Promised To Make it better

Message to Isrsel From Indian Cyber Troops: Israel You Helped Us in Covid Crisis Now its our responsibility to Support you In hard time Don’t worry India is with you And Indian Cyber Troops Toops long live India Israel Friendship

#HitHard #livelongIndiaIsraelFriendship

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