Aditi Singh
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Aditi Singh a 20-year-old medical student from Delhi, won $30000 from Microsoft by reporting a critical RCE bug

she was a self-thought bug hunter, a few weeks ago she was rewarded $7500 by Facebook for reporting a similar vulnerability, she also participated in many other bug hunting programs such as Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and many other startup companies, she also got Hall of fame on Google

according to an interview by Love Babar youtube channel, she was started her hacking career by self-learning often watching video tutorials on youtube, hacking into neighbor’s wifi, which interested her to jump into the cyber security field

she boasts that she was a self-learned cyber security expert, and self-learning is the best way to get started in cybersecurity

she also added that skills matter a lot, and certificates are not at all necessary but  for Certifications OSCP is preferred

Learning Programming is not compulsory but to be advanced in cyber security than python or javascript is prefer, she also added that Google is the best resource, and Twitter is full of bug hunters who share their methods of new findings, HackerOne hacktivism


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