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Are you interested in working for the Government or are you looking for a job in cyber security in the government sector or you are interested in working with cyber cell then you are on the right track, today in this post we are talking about Cyber Army concept in India

people often ask us how to join Indian cyber army 

however, there is not much information on Indian Cyber army requirement like other Army Requirements, till now only a few people know India has Cyber Army

here what you need to know about defense cyber agency


Defence Cyber Agency (DCA)

Defence Cyber Agency is a tri-service command ( Army, Navy, Airforce) which is responsible for handling cyber security threats, DCA was active since November 2019

This force is powerful enough to break into networks, surveillance operations, cyber threat handling, data recovery, protecting military infrastructure on the cyber space


How to join Indian cyber army

However, there was not much information on how the selection process takes place  but they select the staff from other armed forces

while this force is new and there is not so much information available for requirements, the selection process is a little bit secret, the demand for cyber security jobs in Indian army should be higher

How to become a hacker for the government

The Defence Cyber Agency is different from the newly introduced Cyber Volunteer concept, here what you need to know about the cyber volunteer concept

Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) is established to deal with cyber crimes, it’s purpose is to bring an ecosystem for law enforces, governments and citizens for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes

The Indian Government invites citizens to participate in this volunteer program to find and report unlawful content online


here how you can participate

before participating you should aware that reporting a cyber crime is different from reporting unlawful content


How to register as cyber volunteer


Before you register, we highly recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions of Cyber volunteer (here)

Who can register?

  • Any citizen of India may register as Cyber volunteer
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Law Enforces
  • Cyber Awareness Promoter
  • Anyone who is interested to report unlawful content online


Note that KYC is required if you’re registering as a Cyber Awareness promoter or Cyber expert


In order to register go to National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

then click on Cyber Volunteer than click on Register as Volunteer

cyber volunteer


after accepting the terms and conditions you will be redirected to a page where you have to choose your login Id and fill your state and phone number, during registration you will receive an OTP to verify your account


Cyber volunteer portal


the portal will look like this, where you can report and track their status

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