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Kali Linux, One of the most popular Penetration Linux distro out there, Thanks to the Kali Linux team for the stability and continuous improvements to the Distro, Earlier Kali Linux was introduced to Nexus devices as Kali Nethunter, at that time only fewer Android devices are supported and root access was required to use Kali Linux on Android, Later that we are able to install kali in any rooted Android Devices using some Linux distro installer Apps such as Linux Deploy but the problem with the apps is they require root, But Now you can install Kali Linux on your Android that too without rooting and fail-safe,

We put all our efforts to make this tutorial the best and easy for all, Just follow this tutorial to get started, Before that you should know the minimum requirements that you have to satisfy while installing kali

Requirements To Install Kali-Nethunter Without Root:-

  1. Termux App
  2. Vnc Viewer App From Playstore
  3. Free Space of 2GB

How to install kali linux in termux without root

With the help of Terminal Emulator Like Termux, we can Install Linux Distros on our Android, let’s see how we can install Kali Linux in termux without rooting our Android Phone, The best thing with Termux is you will not face any problems while installing Kali Linux unless your internet connection irrupts,

Kali-Nethunter Installation Steps:-


1. First Of all Install Termux From Fdroid Store ( Support From Playstore was stopped)


Termux App From Fdroid

2. Now Give Storage Permission To Termux App By running Below Command.



terminal screenshot


3. Now Install Wget Package In Termux By Running Below Command


pkg install wget

terminal screenshot


4. Now Download This Nethunter Installation Script With Wget.


Run This Below Command To Download The Nethunter Script.



terminal screenshot


5. Now Give Executable Permission To the Nethunter Script.


chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

executable permission


6. Now Run The Script





7. Now It Will Download ( approx 1.2GB) And Install The Nethunter In Your Mobile. The Installation Process Will Take Sometime Based On Your Internet Connection.



8. Now you Have Successfully Installed The Nethunter In Your Android Mobile.



Gui Setup For Nethunter:-

1. To Use Nethunter As In Gui Mode You Can Use Vnc Viewer App From Playstore.



2. Install The Vnc Viewer app and Go To Termux Terminal And Run This Command.


nethunter kex passwd


3. Set Your Vnc password. After entering The Vnc password Now Start Vnc Server By Running This Command.


nethunter kex &


4. Now Go To Vnc Viewer app and Type The local address ( localhost:1 ) and enter your Vnc password.


5. Now you will get GUI mode for your Nethunter


install kali linux in termux


Hope you guys learnt how to install Kali Linux in termux without root, if you face any problems during installation you can comment below so that we will get back to you