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China one of the largest crypto markets will be falling out, last week China declared  a ban on Crypto Currency trading, Crypto Investors rushing for their cashouts, however, many Exchange Services and Crypto trading platforms already announced that they will stop providing services to the users located in China,

This is not the first time that China has banned cryptocurrencies, making the lives of Cryptominers Horrible and there is a high chance that soon changing the Cryptocurrencies to Chinese yuan would be relatively too hard

This Crackdown already hit the mining industry, According to a report by SouthChinaMornignPost, Alibaba Group will be banning the Sale of Crypto Mining Equipments, making it too hard for the cryptocurrency miners who used dedicated building with that equipment and there are some evidence that some crypto miners used the video the gaming equipment and processors to mine crypto

China is on the way to end the decentralization benefits of Crypto and pushing a state-backed Digital Chinese Yuan by cutting the Privacy benefits that Cryptocurrencies offered, however, people of China will find a way to get into crypto trading platforms, still, they will lose their protections as if Scammed

It is clear is that China’s cryptocurrency sector is over for now and the fall of bitcoin will be started

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