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Mithun Chakraborty on  May 5 appealed to humans to quit violence which erupted after the victory of TMC in West Bengal Assembly election on May 2.
Mithunda, as the actor is fondly called, took to Twitter and stated that “human lives are greater vital than politics” and requested people to “stop this violence”.
Mithunda, who had joined the BJP all through West Bengal Assembly election, wrote, “Bengal is burning since post election. Please end this violence, human lives are more vital than politics, Please think about their families and stop this violence.”

Other Side, BJP chief JP Nadda and West Bengal And BJP President Dilip Ghosh are scheduled to hold a dharna at Hastings Office on May 5 to protest against the post-Election violence. It is to be noted that earlier the Dharna was slated to be held outside State BJP Headquarters

But Question Is Dharna is solution of This violence? Answer Is no central govt have to apply president rule to control situation and condition

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