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    Today in this post, we are going to explore the best Programming languages you should learn in 2021, also that is easy to learn, have value in the market. we will also discuss the difficulty of the programming languages to learn, their trends and the average salary of the Developers in India

    There are a lot of programming languages none of them is bad, each language carries its value, but for a beginner sometimes its difficult to choose a good language to learn, that’s why we have created a post to help you out to choose the good Programming language to learn, sometimes it’s confusing with which language you should choose

    Which are the Best Programming Language to Learn for

    1. Job Opportunities
    2. Hobby
    3. Problem-solving
    4. Easy to learn
    5. Multi-Purpose

    If you are a beginner then most people suggest you choose C language as your first language but you can learn other programming languages without learning C language, however, experiencing with a programming language helps us to understand the core concepts of programming and helps us to switch to other languages without any difficulties.

    But before you start learning a programming language you should ask yourself that why you should learn any programming language, reasons are a lot, but there are different languages developed for various purposes ie. Web Development, Mobile App Development and so on

    Which are the Best Programming Language to Learn?

    These are the top 5 Programming Languages You should learn in 2021 and beyond

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • PHP
    • C++


    According to the Survey by  StackOverflow, JavaScript is the most demanding language

    stackoverflow survey

    Now its time to pick one and start Programming, people always suggest you first start with the C language but remember you can Start with Python, but if you have any technical background then you can start with any Programming language as you wish however having basic knowledge is beneficial, if your plan about to make Websites or Build Mobile Applications by learning a programming language then follow this guide and know which language might help you in your journey

    If you plan to learn both Mobile App and Web Development then don’t learn all languages at a time, first learn a language and get some experience then you can easily jump to other languages




    Python is a beautiful language that I have seen, We can easily learn it, and has huge community support with great libraries, and frameworks for Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning etc.

    According to Stackoverflow Survey its the 2nd Most used Programming language in the world

    According to Glassdoor the average salary of a Python Developer is ₹4L/yr

    Learning Difficulty: Easy



    JavaScript is Awesome, its a multipurpose language, developers often say Learn once and use it everywhere, Once Javascript is used in frontend development but now its usage is wider than it used to be, By using Javascript we can develop Frontend as well as Backend, and mobile applications for Android and IOS

    JavaScript is the Most Demanding Language as per Stackoverflow’s Survey

    The Average Salary of a JavaScript Developer is ₹6L/yr

    Learning Difficulty: Medium



    Java, One of the most popular Programming languages where Oracle Boasts  13 Billion devices run Java, also promise to Write Once, Run Anywhere, Java is one of the Oldest Language still has its demand in the market, We can use Java for Android Development, if you are planning to Learn android development then you must have basic knowledge of Java (though Kotlin is there), Java is multi-purpose we can develop GUI, Web apps and so on

    As per Glassdoor The average salary of a Java Developer is ₹5L/yr

    Learning Difficulty: Medium



    People often make fun of PHP, as it is a little bit outdated still PHP holds its value, as of 2021 more than 455 million websites are running on WordPress (a popular CMS Written in PHP), along with that there are some popular PHP libraries such as Laravel which makes PHP stand in the crowd

    According to various surveys, PHP developer gets the least salary, but it depends on some factors such as the location of work and how big the company is

    According to Glassdoor the average salary of a PHP developer in India is ₹20,552/mo



    C++ is one of the powerful languages out there, it is widely famous for the OOP Concepts and one of the most used languages for Game Development, also used in many heavy applications such as Operating Systems, Anti Virus, Web Browsers, and so on

    According to Glassdoor the average salary of a C++ Developer in India is ₹8L/Yr



    There are many other Popular Programming languages out there, if you didn’t found them in this post then don’t be disappointed, we have chosen some of the best, trending and easy to learn programming languages

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