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Since the release of the new  Indian version of the well known battle royale game,”BGMI” has reached more than 10 million downloads as per the latest stats. But did we think about the privacy? The answer is a big “NO”.

Today we, Indian Cyber Troops has brought to you the dark reality of the new game.

The Game known as PUBG mobile with more 52 chinese apps was banned by the government in the early September 2020. The reason was simple. The mobile game was developed by a Korean and Chinese company partnership named “KRAFTON” . In this partnership was one company named “TENCENT” which was alleged to the leak of the users.  Below is the screenshot which explains about “Tencent”.

The point to be noted here is the Headquarters : Shenzhen , China.

The below screenshot will make it clear to you:


After this ban. the youth of India seemed like to be dead. The addiction of the game took so many lifes in 2019-2020s and so many children suffered from various kinds of disorders.

After 9 months of the ban, “KRAFTON” has come up with a new “DEVIL” name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game was released for the pre registration on 18th May,201. The final release is yet pending. However, the early access off the game was launched on 17th June,2021. Below is the tweet from the company:

Since then it has crossed the 10 million downloads.

Now lets me introduce you the reality of this so called “Indian” game.

The new Game named Battlegrounds Mobile India is said to be developed by KRAFTON and in order to proof themselves innocent they say it to be a KOREAN company but the reality is It is in a partnership with TENCENT. The partnership is divided as Chang Byung-gyu (16.4%); Tencent (15.5%).

We at Indian Cyber Troops reversed engineered the apk file of this game and what we got, really puts your data at stakes.

The below screenshot is from the official website of battlegroundsmobile “INDIA”. This says about its privacy policy , just see what data does it say it collects and decide yourself:

You can also give it a read here:

Some Proof of Concepts:



In the first screenshot the first thing which attracted our attention was the package name. Here : com.pubg.imobile.

So its clear that the game BGMI is actually the same package of PUBG which was banned in 2020.

2.In this screenshot which concerns us is about the permissions required for running this app. You can clearly see it asks for permissions to control : Internet,External Storage, Access Network state, Wake Lock, “Read External Storage”, “Record Audio”, “Bluetooth Admin”  ,”Receive and send messages” and so on. Is this common? LMAO NO!


Here you can see the AWS server provider is non other that PUBG MOBILE. Are we dead to differentiate between wrong and right?


Here the thing to notice is the developer provider is : TENCENT ( The company alleged for data leak).


PUBG MOBILE is back. Nothing has changed. Only change is the look and name. Your data is still at risk. Think before you download this.

I only have one request from u guys, spread this with everyone so that people can know the truth and be aware.


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