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These 9 apps were stealing the user’s login details of Facebook accounts,  Recently research done by dr web, according to the research, nine android apps with approx 5.8 million installs are stealing the user’s Facebook passwords via login with Facebook Ads, where ads are served via the attacker controlled Command and control server

As per Doctor web’s findings, these malware apps tricked playstore as harmless software, these apps work like trojans to steal the Login id and passwords, some of the apps poses as Photo editing app, App Lock manager, Cleaners, Image editing and Horoscope




List of Apps Caught stealing user’s Facebook login id and passwords


The list of apps are as follows –

PIP Photo (>5,000,000 installs)
Processing Photo (>500,000 installs)
Rubbish Cleaner (>100,000 installs)
Horoscope Daily (>100,000 installs)
Inwell Fitness (>100,000 installs)
App Lock Keep (50,000 installs)
Lockit Master (5,000 installs)
Horoscope Pi (>1,000 installs)
App Lock Manager (10 installs)

as per the blog post by Dr web, these apps are fully functional, it tricked the users to enable some additional features, disable ads than the user should have to login with their Facebook account than the app Open Facebook within the app when users enter username and password then the injected javascript code  will send the login details to the attacker controlled C&C servers


These apps are now no longer available in Playstore, When you search for these apps on Playstore, You will not find these apps anymore, but if you’re installed these apps before they removed from playstore then you should check your apps list, and uninstall them immediately and consider changing your Facebook login details

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