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Acer a Taiwanese Hardware and electronics company has faced the worst cyberattack this year, this is not the first time the company had attacked, Previously the company faced a Ransomware attack by REvil

In the recent attack, The attacker claims that Hacker group Desorden is behind the attack where they breached 60GB of the Company data containing sensitive information of the company’s financial, Corporate, and customers records and they claims that the data was compromised on an Indian server affecting

acer raidforums

On 13 October, the sample leak of the breached data was published on Raidforums, later Acer has acknowledged the breach incident

acer acknowledgement


According to PrivacyAffairs the breach appears to be on 5th October, however, it’s still unclear how the attack might take place and the company claimed that the breach was real and affected the after-sales service system in India

The Hacker Group Desorden is a well known Group in the Darknet Forums, where they previously breached Malaysia Logistics

In March 2021, Acer faced the ransomware attack by REvil a popular ransomware gang and demanded a $50 million ransom, it’s unclear that how did REvil hack Acer, till now the company didn’t accept or declined the incident

Acer acknowledged the incident of this data breach and didn’t provide any information on the Attacker details, it’s a clear sign that the data breach was real and contains the login credentials of the company customers and employees

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